10 tips to overcome final exam How to deal with final exam Stress?

10 tips to overcome final exam How to deal with final exam Stress?
If you suffer from examination fever and do not know how to cope up from the stress? This pressure is to excel is to indeed to the student’s health and it is now necessary for them to know how to deal with this pressure or they are sure to land up in the hospital. Here we provided some important  tips to over come avoid final exam stress / tension.

1. Daily roster
You may not have a daily roster during your semester as you spend most of the in your time eating, sleeping and texting friends. But you can prepare daily roster by yourself for a month before the exam so that you may divide you time in various subjects that you have to help or to avoid in final exam stress.

2. Foresight saves the day
It is a good idea to leave your studies for the last moment, think that you can grasp everything within no time. This is just put a lot of pressure for your brain and it may just refuse to retain anything that you read.

3. Gauge yourself practically
You should know your caliber as a student and accordingly you may need to set your aim in the examination. If you know about your caliber is low and then aim for top the school and take tension for the same which does not make sense at all.

4. Don’t punish your stomach
Fortify your brain with the food that you eat. So choose for good food wisely and try to avoid junk food. Go for a balanced diet which consists of lot of proteins and roughage. Avoid beverages to keep you awake in the wee hours in the morning.

5. Meditate
This is the key tip to deal for final exam stress. Your mind and body need to be communicable with each other. A tired mind may affect your physical health and you need to keep in your mind at peace and there is just one thing that you can do for this and that is, “Meditation”.

6. Don’t tax yourself
Your mind works most part of the day. It will be working even when you are sleeping and that’s how you dream. So shouldn’t tax your mind too much, because it may control over all the your organs You should not switch off your brain.
7. Regular exercise
Exercise is a great way to maintain your health. You can go for a walk in the morning. Your body is made for the movement and so you may need to give it to that movement. Stretch yourself to regular intervals and it comes from exam stress management.
8. Kick the coffee habit
Our assumption is that coffee will help to wake up you through out all the night and it is doing that by switch offing your mind. You maybe woke up but your mind is sleeping and that is unable to grasp any thing which makes waste.
9. Find yourself a confident
It is necessary that you are confident with whom you can share all that’s in your heart so that it can feel unburdened. This may also help you feel relaxed and you will get some friendly advice from your confidant as well.
10. Optimism rules
Be an optimist and hope for the best. Always remember that every dark cloud has a silver lining. Don’t like the bad get to you and affect your senses.

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