Cumulative Exercise On Functional Grammar Quiz 16

Provided some Online tests on mentioned categories Agreement Of The Verb With Subject , Direct and Indirect Speech , Prepositions , Tenses , Phrasal Verbs Quiz Functional Grammar Quiz 

Had she known about it , she ___________ have stayed longer.

The people , who depend __________ others , can never prosper in life.

When I pay him tomorrow , he _________ every thing I owe him .

Ajit promised me that he would come __________ did not turn up

While travelling to Bombay , I ran ________ a very old friend of mine.

It __________ too cold to go out last night, so we stayed at home.

Why did you tear _________ a page from my notebook ?

We will be late if we _________ not leave now.

The lady takes pride _________ her beauty.

___________ work hard , you won’t succeed.

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