Aptitude Area Quiz No3

the diameter of the wheel of a bus is 140 am . how many      revolutions per minute must the wheel make into order to keep  speed of 66 kmph?

If each side of a square is increased by 50% the ratio of the      area of the resulting square to the area of the given square is?

if the length and breadth of a rectangular plot are increased      by 50% and 20% respectively then the area is how many times the original      area?

A rectangular grass field s 112 m * 78 m/ it has a gravel path      2.5 meter wide ll round it on the inside. Fins the cost of constructing it      at the ate of 80 paise per square meter?

The area and perimeter of a rectangles are 84 m2 and 38 m respectively.      Find its length and breadth?

rectangular plot 15 m*      10 m has a path of grass outside it. If the area of grassy path way is 54      m2. Find the width of the path?

The cross section of a canal is a trapezium in shape. If the      canal is 7 meters wide at the top and 9 meters at a bottom and the area of      cross section is 280 sq meter. Find the length of the canal?

The length of a rectangle is increased by 60% by what percent      would be width have to be decreased to maintain the same area?

A rectangular lawn 70m * 30 m has two roads each 5 meters wide      running in the middle of it one parallel to length and the other parallel      to the breadth. Find the cost of gravel he road at rate of rs 4 per square      meter

  1. The two adjacent sides of a parallelogram rare 5 m and 6m respectively      and if the diagonal connecting the ends is 9 meters, Find the area of the      parallelogram?

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