Aptitude Number Test 09

1) The sum of three consecutive even numbers is 132. what is the smallest of the three?

2) The least number which must be subtracted from 5809 to make it exacty divisible by 9?

3) 3 * 6 is a three digit number with * as a missing dgit. If the number is divisible by 6, the missing digit is?

4) The sum of two digits of a number is 10. if 54 is added to that number, the digits will be reversed. What is the number?

5) When 30 is subtracted from a number it reduced to 2./3what is 90% of the number ?

6) 2/3 of members of a committee are women, ΒΌ of male members are married. If there are 9 unmarried male members in the committee how many members are there n the committee?

7) If digit 1 is placed after a two digit number whose tens digit as t and units digit is m then the number is

8) The least number to be multiplied by 17640, so that the result is a perfect square?

9) If a number 14978 a 672 is divisible by 11. what is the value of a ?

10) A number leave s 83 as remainder when divided by 123. what will be the remainder if same number is divided by 41?

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