Ratio and Proportion Test No 6

  1. The income of A and B are n the ratio 3:2 and expenses are in the ratio 5:3 . if each saves Rs 200. what is their income?

  1. Divide Rs 1320 among 7 men, 11 women and 5 boys so that each woman may have 3 times as much as a boy, a man as much as a woman and a boy together. Find how much each person receives?

  1. An amount of Rs 375 was divided among A,B and C . if each of them had received Rs 25 less their share would be in the ratio 1:3:2. the money received by c was?

  1. In 40 liters mixture of milk and water, the ratio of milk and water is 4:1. how much water should be added in the mixture so that the ratio of milk to water becomes 2:1?

  1. Five bananas and four apples cost as much as three bananas and seven apples. The ratio of the cost of one banana to that of one apple is?

  1. Rs 336 is divided between A and B so that A gets 5/16th of what B gets. What amount does B gets?

  1. A fort has provisions for 35 days. If after 5 days 225 persons join and the food lasts 25 days longer, how many men are there in that for?

  1. The ratio of the diagonals of two squares is 3:2. find the ratio of their areas?

  1. The ratio of the edges of two cubes is 2:3. find the ratio of their volumes?

  1. The ratio of the radii of two circles is 3:5. find the ratio of their circumference?

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