Aptitude Area Quiz No9

The length and breadth of a field are in the ratio 4:3. the      diagonal of it is 60 cm. what is the area?

The sides of a triangle are 26, 28, 30cm . find the area?

The area of an       equilateral trianglr is 25^3. find the perimeter in cm?

The area of two equilateral triangles are in the ratio 4:9.      find the ratio of their sides?

find the area of a circle of radius 3.5 cm ?

The circumference of a circle is 88cm . find the area?

The ratio between the areas of two circle is 4:9. find the      ratio between their radii?

The  circumference of a      semi circle is 360 m. find its area?

The radius of a wheel is 21 am. How many times does it revolve      during a journey of 5.28 km?

The diagonals of a rhombus are 30 cm and 16 cm. find its area?

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