Percentages Quiz 08

1) The income of a brojker remains unchanged though the rate of commission is increased from 4% to 5%. The percentage of stump in business is?

2) A bag contains 600 coins of 25 paise denomination and 1200 coins of 50 paise deniomination. If 12% of 25 paise coins and 24% of 50 paise coins are removed the percentage of money removed from the bag is nearly?

3) During one year the population of a locality increased by 5% but during the next year it decreased by 5%. If the population at the end of the second year was 7980. find the population at the beginning of the first year?

4) A cricket team won 40% of the total number of matches it played during a year. If it lost 50% of the matches played and 20 matched were draw the total number of atched played by the team duting the year was?

5) Building worth Rs 133100 is constructed on land worth Rs 72900. After how many years will the vale of the both be the same, if land appreciates at 10% and building depreciates at 10% P.A?

6) What percentage is 78 of 150?

7) 30% of 70 + 40% of 90 =

8) 30% of a number is 60. what is 40% of the number?

9) A number when increased by 20% of it gives 72. what is the number?

10) 0.08 percent of a number is 24. what is 1.6% of the same number?

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