Problems on Trains Quiz 01

  1. A train 315 m long is running at 54 kmph. How much time will take to cross a pole?

  1. A train covers a certain distance in 3.5 hrs at a speed of 60kmph. How much time will the train take to cover the same distance at a speed of 80 mph?

  1. A train is running at 36 kmph . if it crosses a pole in 25 sec. find its length(in mts)?

  1. A 250 m long train is running at a speed of 55 kmph. In how much time will it cross a platform of length 520 m?

  1. A train moving at a speed of 80 kmph covers a distance in 4.5 hours. What should be the distance if the speed is reduced by 20 kmph?

  1. Train A is twice as fast as Train B and Train B is thrice as fast as C. Distance covered by Train C in 1 hour will be covered by train A in how many minutes?

  1. A person travels 120 km by ship, 450 km by train and 60 km by horse. The total time of journey is 9 hours. The speed of the train is 3 times that of horse and 1 ½ times that of ship. What is the speed of the train?

  1. A train travels from A to B at 60 kmph and from B to A at 40 kmph, then the average speed of the while journey is …….. kmph?

  1. How many seconds will a train 200 m long running at 48 kmph to pass a telegraph post?

  1. a train 200 m long is running at 72 kmph. In how many seconds it will cross a stationary man?

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