Aptitude Age Problem Quiz No 4

  1. A is 4 times as old as B. 3 years hence the sum of their ges will be 4 years, what is the age of A?

  1. the age of a father and his daughter are in the rtio 4:1. if 5 years ago their ges were in the raio 7:1. what is theage of the father?

  1. 5 years ago Laxmi’s age was 7 times the age of her daughter at that time and after 5 years her age will be thrice the age of the daughter. How old is laxmi now?

  1. The sum of theages of a and B is 56 years . 6 years ago, the ratio of their ages was 7:4. how old is B now?

  1. the present age of A is twice the age of B 3 years ago. If A is 2 years elder to B what is the presen age of A?

  1. Madhu ha 2 sns. His age is 3 times the sum of the ages of his sns. After 4 years his age will be twice the sum of the ages of his sons . what is the present age os madhu?

  1. Ina 8 years of Aravind ill be 4 times what he was 13 years age ewhat is his present age?

  1. Three years ago A was twice as old as B. If the difference of their ages is 4 years. How old is B now?

  1. Mr. raos age is imes as ld as hs son. After 7 years his age exceeded twice his son’s age by 9 years. How old is mr. Roa now?

  1. The sum of the ages of a mother and her daughter is 4 times the age of daughter. If theaverage age of the moter and the daughter is 28 years. What is the age of the daughter?

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