Aptitude Area Quiz No1

1.If each side of an equilateral triangle is 4 cms then find its area?

2.The base and side of an isosceles triangle is 10 cms and 13 cms respectively then find its area?

3.If perimeter and diagonal of a rectangle are 14 cm and 5 cm respectively find its area?

4.Given the area of a triangle a 205 cm2, if the side AB is 411cms find the length of the perpendicular dropped on AB from opposite vertex?

5.The length and diagonal of a rectangle are 12 cm and 13 cms respectively find its perimeter?

6.A lawn is in the form of a rectangle having its sides in the ratio 2:3 the area of the lawn is 1/6 hectares. Find the length of the lawn?

7.In a parallelogram the length of one diagonal and the perpendicular dropped on that diagonal are 30 m and 20 m respectively. Find its area?

8.The diagonal of a square is 20 cms. Find its perimeter?

9.In a quadrilateral the length odf one ts diagonal is 12 cms and the off sets drawn on this diagonal measure 13 cms and 17 cms respectively. Find the area?

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