Aptitude Area Quiz No5

The ratio between the length and breadth of a rectangular field      is 5:4. If the breadth is 20 m less than the length perimeter of the field      is?

The length of a rectangle is twice its  breadth and one of its diagonals      measures 10root 5 cm. the perimeter of he rectangle is?

The area of he four walls of the room is 1080 sq m . f the      height and length of the room are in the ratio of 2:5 and the height and      breadth are in the ratio of 4:5 then the areas of the foot is?

The cost of carpeting the four walls of room is Rs 475 Each one of the length breadth and height of another room is double that of this room . The cost of papering the walls of this new room is?

The length of a rectangular hall is 4/3 of its breadth. If the      area of the hall is 300  sq m the      difference between the length and the breadth of the hall is?

The radius of a sphere increased by 50% . the increase in the      surface areas of the sphere is?

the area of a square field is 576 sq m. how long will it take      for a horse to run around at the speed of 12kmph?

If ratio of areas of two squares is 9:1 the a ratio of their      perimeter is?

If the area of a square with side a is equal to the area of a      triangle with base a then the altitude of the triangle is?

if the side of right angled isosceles triangle is 10 cms then find      the length of diagonal?

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