Aptitude Number Test 04

Aptitude Number Test 04

1) The ratio between a two – digit number and the sum of the digits of that number is 4:1. if the digit in the units place is 1 more than the digit in the tens place. Find the number?

2) A number on being divided by 11 and 12 successively leaves the remainders 2 and 9 respectively. Find the number?

3) A number on being divided by 7 and 8 successively leaves the remainders 1 and 2 respectively. Find the remainder when the same number is divided by ‘9’?

4) Find the number which when multiplied by 7 is increased by 90?

5) The sum of a number and its one-third is 100. Find the number?

6) The difference of a number and its 2/5th is 120. Find the number?

7) The difference of 2/3 rd and 1/5th of a number is 210. Find the number?

8) When a number is increased by 10 times it becomes 132. Find the number?

9) When a number is decreased by its 2/3rd becomes 90. Find the number

10) Find the sum of first 20 multiples of 3?

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