Aptitude Area Quiz No4

A man walking at the sped of 4 kmph crosses a square field      diagonally in 3 minutes the area of the field is?

How many paving stones each measuring 2.5 m * 2 m are require      to pave rectangular court yard 30m long and 16.5 m wide?

One side and diagonal of a rectangle are 40 m and 50 m      respectively. Find the area?

If each side of a square is increased by 25% its arias increased by?

If each side of a square is increased by 25% its are is      increased by?

The length of a black board is 8 cm more than its breadth. If      the length is increased by 7 cm and breadth is decreased by 4 cms then its      areas remains the same. The length and breadth of the rectangle is?

In a quadrilateral the length of one of its diagonals is 15      meters and the offsets drawn on its diagonal measures 11 and 9 meters      respectively. Find its area?

of the two square fields the area of one is 1 hectare while the      other one is boarded by 1%. The difference in their area is/

A square carpet with an area 169 sq m must have 2 meters cut      off one of its edges in order to be a perfect fir for a rectangular room.      What is the area of the rectangular room?

The area of a rectangular field is 144 sq m . if the length is      increased by 5 meters, its area incrases by 40 sq m. the length of the      field is?

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