Aptitude Averages Quiz 3

the average of 11 results is 30 boys out of 50, is 160 cm. if      the average height of the remaining boys is 165 cm , the average height of      the whole class in cm is

In an examination out of 25 student in a class 10 students had      an average of 60% 10 other students had an average of 50% marks and rest      had an average of 40% marks what is the average % marks of each student?

The average of price of three items of furniture is Rs 15000.      if their pries are in te ratio 3:5:7 the prce of the cheapest itm is?

The average of Rahim’s marks in 7 subjects is 75. his average      in 6 ubjects excluding science is 72. how many marks did he got in science

The average temperature of the first three days of a week is 27      C and of the next three days is 29 C. if the weekly average is 28.5 C what      is the temperature of the last day?

A cricketer has completed 10 innings and his average is 21.5      runs. Hw many runs must he make in his next innings so as to raise his      average to 24?

A bats man in his 17th inning makes a score 85, and      there by increases his average by 3. What is his average after 17th      inning

The average of ten numbers is 7. if each number is mulipied by      12 then the average of new set of numbrs is?

The average marks of 12 students was calculated as 40. but it      was later found that marks of one student had been entered wrongly as 42      instead of 54 and average as 74 instead of 50. the correct average is?

The average salary of workers is an industry is rs 2000, the      average salary of 150 technicians being rs 4000 and the non- technicians      being Rs 1250. the total nuber of workers is?

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