Comprehension passages for bank PO

Read the following passage and answer the questions given below it :

                             Non  one knows when or by whom rockets  were invented . In all probability the rocket was not  suddenly ‘invented ‘ but  evolved gradually over a long period of time , perhaps in different  parts of the world at the same time . Some historians of rocketry , notably willy Ley , trace the development of rockets to 13th century China , a land  noted in ancient times for its fire work disPlay .In the year 1232 A. D ., when the Mongols laid siege to the city of Kai – Feng Fu, the  capital of Honan province , the Chinese defenders  used weapons that were described as “ arrows of flying fire” There is no explicit statement that these arrows were rockets but some students have concluded that they were because the  record does not mentioned bows or other means of shooting the arrows . In the same battle , we read , the   defenders dropped from the walls of the city a kind bomb described as “ heaven – shaking thunder “. From these meager references some students have concluded that the Chinese , by the year 1232 , had discovered  gunpowder and had learned to  use it to make explosive bombs as well as propulsive charges for rockets.

1.The passage gives primarily a history of

a. the bravery  of the Chinese  b. the invention of rockets

c. the attack on China by the Mongols  d. the battle against the Chinese wall


2.According to this passage , rockets were invented by

a. Willy Ley  b. unknown people  c. the Mongols  d. the ruler of Honan province


3.According to this passage , rockets were

a. a gift of God to the Chinese  b. invented in the twentieth century

c. invented in 1232 A.D d. developed over many centuries


4.The phrase in 1232 A. D.

a. means some ancient phenomenon in the skies

b. refers to lightning and thunder

c. is another name for rockets

d. is assumed to refer to rockets


5.The bombs have been referred to as “ heaven shaking thunder” because they

a. contain gun powder  b. make thunderous noise  c. are propelled by rockets  d. seem to fall from heaven


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