Comprehension passage for Competitive exams

How To Crack The Reading Comprehension comprehension passages competitive exams

Read the following passage and answer the questions given below it:                            

The supervisor would have to change this attitude towards people first. The staff under him must be perceived as human beings with feelings and needs. They are not autonomous within a complex work machinery. One of the greatest needs of todays worker is to have a feeling that he is in control of his workplace and not vice versa. The best way is to satisfy this need as far as possible. He must feel first, that his work is meaningful. To do this is supervisor must delegate responsibility and limited authority for the man  to execute his job well. The subordinate must be properly trained to assume responsibility and authority . Once he is ready to assume these he can be made accountable  for his job . Very often supervisors  assume all responsibility and accountability for fear of losing control of the workplace . This makes workers under  him pawns in a vast chess board. Delegating accountability gives the worker a purpose in life and the need to a do a job well Most important is to sit with each worker and chalk out common objectives and agreed norms  to achieve them . This gives workers a security as to what is expected of them . When he has met his objectives  he certainly has a feeling achievement . This feeling of achievement is the greatest motivatior.

1.Responsibilty and accountability make a worker

a. tense and frightened  b. shirk his duties c. vulnerable before his supervisor d. do his job properly


2.Supervisors do not delegate responsibility and authority to their subordinates because

a. final responsibility is there b. subordinates are not capable enough

c. they can’t trust their subordinates d they are apprehensive  losing their hold on the workplace


3. Orientation of subordinates of common objectives and how  to acieve them is

a. a must  b. not very important  c. not at all necessary d. optional


4.A humane attitude on the part of the supervisor  towards his staff is necessary to

a. keep them happy  b. get them to work c. get the best out of them d. have a congenial atmosphere at workplace


5.The greatest motivator in a workplace  is

a. fulfillment of purpose  b. a sense of security c. a good supervisor d. a good environment


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