Comprehension passages Bank PO’s

Read the following passage and answer the questions given below it:

What you eat, not hoe much , is the main factor behind weight gain . Calories from  fat pack on kilos . The reason : during digestion the body burns many calories metabolizing proteins and carbohydrates than it does metabolizing fat . Fat calories are turned into body fat more than calories from carbohydrates . Diets that advocates eating large amounts of only one type of food such as grapefruit , nuts or meat for several days are almost never successful . According to experts , exercise combined with dieting ensures loss of weight better than dieting alone does. They also agree that sticking to regular moderate exercise is more important than occasional vigorous work- outs . People are encouraged to make a series of small physical efforts :taking the stairs instead of the lift and parking the car some distance away from where you want to go , and walking.

People think they have to do lot to burn a few calories , so they conclude , why bother? They overlook the other positive aspects of regular exercise : appetite control, mood enhancement and possibly a raised metabolism . Body shape and size are determined by a person’s genes . In short, some people are more predisposed to be fat. Moreover , someone who was obese in childhood will have more fat  cells than an average person . One made the cells may enlarge or shrink , but they never disappear. The size of your fat cells depends on you ,on you eating habits and lifestyle . There are ways to keep them small : eat low –fat fibre- rich foods such as whole grain breads , vegetables and fruits . Chew food slowly.

1.What one eats is an important factor in controlling weight because

a. fat is burnt faster than proteins and carbohydrates

b. proteins and carbohydrates use up more calories than fats

c. fatty food has very little calories best by

d. digestion is affected by proteins and carbohydrates


2.Body weight can be controlled best by

a. doing exercises vigorously every day

b. mild, daily exercise and proper diet

c. fasting an vigorous exercise

d dieting alone


3.An effective way in which obesity can be controlled is

a. using the care occasionally

b. the use of bicycle as far as possible

c. making a series of small physical efforts

d. abandoning the use if lifts


4.What can we conclude about exercise from the passage

a. Exercise helps only in controlling the body weight

b. It makes one more mercurial.

C. It makes one more active and mentally positive.

d. It is difficult to do exercise which is effective


5.In determining whether one is going to be fast or thin

a. genes play a paramount role

b. adulthood alters childhood patterns drastically

c. eating habits and lifestyle make no impact on fat cells

d. fat cells formed during childhood are of crucial importance.


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