Cumulative Exercise On Functional Grammar Quiz 05

Provided some Online tests on mentioned categories Agreement Of The Verb With Subject , Direct and Indirect Speech , Prepositions , Tenses , Phrasal Verbs Quiz Functional Grammar Quiz 

The telephone ________ several times before I answered it

We shall finish the work before he ________ back.

I bought a new car last year , but I _______ my old car yet , s at present I have two cars.

No sooner did he go in _______ he came out.

Kamal walks as if he ________ lame.

Reena’s marriage ________ Rajesh was tumultuous.

However , a large number of employees kept ________ from their offices today.

He _______ the bird but he always missed.

The second world war broke ________ in 1939.

Do you think you ______ me somewhere before?

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