Indian Politics Exercise 03

1.The least literate state inIndiais

2.The constitutional Adviser to the constituent assembly was

3.Article……. Is the last article of the constitution

4.When an army officers seizes power through a coup b’etat he becomes

5.The north eastern council now includes. as the eight member of the council

6.Civil proceedings may be brought against the president, in respect of the personal acts, only if …….. months notice in writing has been delivered to him.

7.The maple leaf is the national emblem of

8.The legislative  Assembly fJammu and Kashmirconsists of members chosen by direct election and …… women members nominated by the governor

9.The constitution ofJammu and Kashmirdeclares the state to be a/an ….. of the union ofIndia

10.Special rights as regards . have been conferred on permanent residents of the state ofJammu and Kashmir

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