Indian Politics Exercise 09

1.Free Indian’s first education minister was 

2.National emergency was declared for the first time in India in

3.Members of the lokShabaare elected for a term of five years, but their term can be extended by ….. year(s) by parliament in a national emergency

4.For how many years does the vice president hold office

5.Which Indian state remained as associate state for a short while before it was absorbed as a full fledged state of the union?

6.The term of office of the compotroller and the audit general ofIndiais

7.At present only five states have legislative councils. Find out the odd one

8.The union finance minister who introduced nationalization of life insurance (through a midnight ordinance) was

9.In  the interim government forIndiaformed in 1946, Jawaharlal Nehru was designated

10.Who, among the following is a nominal executive head of the government his/her country?

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