Indian Politics Exercise 06

1.In the discharge of his functions, the Attorney-general forIndiais assisted by a olicitor-general foriNdiais assisted by a solicitor – general and ……. Additional solicitors-general

2.How many union territories come under the jurisdiction of the various state high courts?

3.TheJammu and Kashmirhigh court is located at

4.The high court of Uttar Pradesh is located at

5.The separated of the judiciary from the executive is envisaged n the

6.The total number of members  in the legislative council of a state shall in no case be less than

7.The jurisdiction of the madras high court extends to

8.The speaker pro term of the loksabha is appointed by the

9.Seven states in the north-eastern region have been dubbed as the seven sisters.      Find the odd one out:

10.A state cabinet minister can be dismissed by the

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