Indian Politics Exercise 07

1.The state of Andhra Pradesh came in existence on

2.What was the status ofSikkimat the commencement of the Indian constitution?

3.If the same person is elected to a parliamentary seat and a seat in a state assemble as well and if he does  not resign his seat in the state Assembly before a specific period

4.If a member of the lok sabha absents himself for a period of a…….. days not resign his seat in the state assembly before a specific period

5.If a member of lok sabha absents himself for a period of ……. Days from mettings of the house, without the permission of the house he will stand disqualified

6.The  member of parliament who voluntarily acquires the citizenship of another country or is under any acknowledgement of allegiance to foreign country, will

7.The quorum to constitute a sitting of the loksabha is …….. of the total membership of the house

8.The decision of the speaker as to whether a bill is a money bill or not shall be

9.The authority empowered to fix the salary and allowances of the speaker is the

10.Then the loksabha is dissolved the speaker does into vacated his office, but will continue in office until a new

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