Statements and dialogues quiz 04

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Ramu :”Where shall we have lunch? All I want is salad.Isn’t there a new Caferia? Teena:”I have been there a few times. It’s quick, and the price is right, but the food is not anything to speak of

Unlike her husband, Bharathi believes that it is  useless to subscribe to more than one news magazine.

”How about a pen and  pencil ? We could engrave his initials on them”.What do the above sentence denote?

Husband:It’s been raining since Monday, but clear weather is forecast for tomorrow? Wife:I’ m gland to haer that because I always play golf on Thursdays and I like to have good weather. What will the weather probably be like on Thursday?

What is the idea (notion) communicated in the following sentence “As you have last my book you must replace it”

”May you live a long and happy life ?” and” have a good time ! are the expressions used to express_________

When is the following expression used ? “I hope you don’t mind my asking , but ________ “ This expression is used an formal occasions for asking for_________

It is very nice of you to _______ is used to express_____________

”Cars must not be parked in the side Lane” is a

”She is likely to be late” What does this expression denote?

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