Dictionary of word power by Norman lewisWord power(k)

  • Keen(Adj): sharp, intense penetrating She has a keen memory.
  • Kindle(V): inspire, set fire, to shine, glow Will you please kindle the light?
  • Knave(Adj): dishonest, unprincipled, rouge, untrustworthy, scoundrel  Beware of him he is a knave.
  • Knack(N):  cleverness, kill He has knack in dealing with people successfully.
  • Knotty(N): difficult, complicated It is knotty problem.
  • Kudos(N) : honour, glory, praise, admiration  He received kudos from his fans for his excellent performance.
  • Kleptomania(N): irritable tendency to steal small articles  They discovered that the wealthy customer was a kleptomaniac      when they caught her stealing some cheap trinkets.


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