Statements and dialogues quiz 03

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”Failures are stepping stone to  success” is

”You had better do it immediately “ is

”That’s very nice of you “ The speaker is

A:We can travel by land or water to reach Bombay B: If I were you I would have travelled by water to go to Bombay.

A: I f you eat too much , it is not good for your body and mind. B: Eat to live “not “ live to eat

A:He  deserved to succeed, for, he worked hard. B:Hardwork leads to success.

I’d rather do nothing than watching old movies on television.

In the class of twenty , Kiran is the third best student.

If I didn’t have a car , I’d have to walk five blooks to work every day

Woman:”Have tou received the check from the company to cover the damage to your car?” Man:”No , not   yet , but I except to with in the next few days ?” What is the subject of the above conversation?

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