Statements and dialogues quiz 08

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1.A: The latest issue of India Today has given a comprehensive coverage of the union Budget.    B: I would be grateful to you if you could explain the salient points to me.

  • A: Chandrababu Naidu is one of the most dynamic chief Ministers I have seen  B:If I were Chandrababu Naidu I would have done a better job

.”Will he come if it rains ?” that is

“Come in at once !” she said.

.”What a lovely garden this is !” this is

.”Shall I open the window “. The speaker is

”Please get me a cup of tea “ . The speaker is    

”What a beautiful house !” This is  

” Is it Sachin  Tendulkar ?” This is  

”I wish I could go there but I am sorry “ This is  

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