English Section preparation tips for Bank Exams PO’s & Clerk

how to prepare english for bank po,how to prepare english for bank clerks :  English for bank exams test is the main area to judge the ability to write grammatically correct English. Bank exam English section tends to be the most ignored section as it requires a consistent effort to understand and comprehend. But at the same time, bank exam english should be specially concentrated attention at as it will also help the candidates understanding and be able to write well in the descriptive section as well which consists solely of English comprehension and written english skills.

Most of the mistakes committed by students are due unawareness of the rules of grammar. The various sections that are a part of the question set of the English paper are clause correction, comprehension, synonyms/antonyms etc. These questions test your ability in the formal written English. Many things that are acceptable in spoken English but not in written English. This section tests the ability to understand the meaning of a word individually and also in relationship with other words.

  • As mentioned earlier, be well prepared in basic grammar.
  • Develop a habit of reading-this will not only help you in developing your comprehension abilities but also help you in the general awareness section.

 Try to analyse whatever you read. 

  • Look up for words in the dictionary (or net) to understand their meaning and also their usage.
  • Read the question carefully as incorrect understanding may lead to the wrong answer.

In comprehension section: 

  • Read the questions  first but not the answer choices.
  • Keeping those questions in mind go through the passage. Put a dot on the sentence or line that gives a clue to the answer.
  • While going for the answer choice you should take special care of the verb and their qualifying words, nouns and their words. Which should not change the meaning that the clue-sentence to the answer means.

In the descriptive paper, channelize your thoughts first list down the points you need and then start elaborating on them one after another. Create a rough framework of what  you wish to write. Do not get to wayward with your thoughts. Streamline your thoughts to a few points and emphasize on them well. Also, make sure you know the difference between each of the type of questions asked.

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