Statements and dialogues quiz 06

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  1. “ I can help him only when he changes his ways’.

”Why don’t you take things in a lighter vein”? said Raju to Ravi

Let us got to Agra in the coming vacation

”I’  ll go through the pros and cons of the matter before reaching a decision”.

X: “ I am not interested in my job any more . I want to quit”. Y: “don’t say so jobs are hard to get”

”I’m sorry I did not phone you earlier”

A: It is very easy to acquire bad habits. B: The more we do a thing , the more we tend to like doing it.

” The early bird catches the worms !” the statement

A: I am sorry for the mistake. B:This is the last time I am forgiving you

A: Can I go to the party tonight? B:If I had exams coming up next week , I would not go to a party . This conversation implies that.

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