Statements and dialogues quiz 01

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A: I am giving a party tomorrow would you like  to come? B:That’d nice .What time would you like me to come

2.”What do you think about her dress?” is

A:I  always think cricket is much more exciting than foot ball. B:I can’t help thinking the same

P:I wonder if you could give me your book for a few days Q:I am afraid. I am preparing for my examinations

”p: How nice of you to  come .” P is

’We may have made a mistake’ expresses

I prefer to go out for a walk rather than to say in “ expresses

”P:Stop telling me what to do and mind your own business”

M:If you are going out would you mind getting me a packet of milk? N:Yes , with pleasure

A:It’s very difficult to give  up smoking B:If I were you I would try at once

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