GK Test online 10

1.Magnesium sulphate, in common parlance, is known as

2.Which among the following states is strategically situated between the river Valleys of Myanmar and Bangaladesh and encircled almost on three sides by Bangladesh

3.The Asiatic society ofBengalwas founded by

4.Who, among the following first put forward the concept of swaraj?

5.Sponge is a

6.A meber of the constituent assembly of India a well known criminal lawyer of Mumbai, a union cabiney minister governor of uttar Pradesh and later a swatnatra party stalwart, The description fits

7.Who is/was independentIndia’s first field marshal?

8.Bahujana hitaya bahujana sukhaya is the motto of

9.A state capital which houses nearly a fourth of the state’s population is

10.Which of the following planets is known as the earth’s tqwin

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