Percentages Quiz 09

1) By what percentage one seventh of 147 is more than one ninth of 108?

2) 34% of a number exceeds 16% of the same number by 72. what is the number?

3) A saves 12% of his salary. What is his salary if his expenditure is Rs 5280?(in Rs)

4) 20 liters of a mixtureof milk and water contains 40% of water, when 5 liters of milk is added, what will be the percentage of milk in the mixture?

5) Rama scored 64% of marks in paper I out of 50 and 36% of marks in paper II out of 75. what % of marks did he get in to papers?

6) If X is less than Y by 20% then by what % Y is more than X?

7) If A more than B by 20%. By what % B is less than A

8) In a club of members, 20% are females , 25% of the males and 50% of the females did not ttend the meeting. What percentage of the members had attended the meeting?

9) By decreasing the side of a square by 8 units it becomes 12 units. What is the percentage decrease in its side?

10) The price of coking oil has increased by 30%. Inorder to restore the original price the new price must be decreased by what %?

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