Cumulative Exercise On Functional Grammar Quiz 06

Provided some Online tests on mentioned categories Agreement Of The Verb With Subject , Direct and Indirect Speech , Prepositions , Tenses , Phrasal Verbs Quiz Functional Grammar Quiz

Jayanth plays football ________ an experienced person.

The rainy season has set _________

He is being accused _______ theft.

Cigarette smoking is injurious ________ health.

It was indeed unreasonable _______ him to   leave this job and start business.

He has invited some f this friends _______ tea.

When I was a child , I _______ to school everyday instead of going by cycle.

Geetha said that she had never ______ a book she liked so much.

The examination will commence _______ Monday.

When I met her last year , she _______ for five years

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