Cumulative Exercise On Functional Grammar Quiz 03

Provided some Online tests on mentioned categories Agreement Of The Verb With Subject , Direct and Indirect Speech , Prepositions , Tenses , Phrasal Verbs Quiz Functional Grammar Quiz 

Life is a tale told by ____________ idiot

Get me a glass of water,____________

He used to pray everyday , believing that as long as he ________________ so, he would be safe.

He has shown utter neglect ____________ duty.

I am fed up ___________ the type of behavior.

If they want to succeed, they ____________ have to work very hard.

Now a days rajani is ____________ buy to take care of her health.

There are thirty teachers ______________ the staff of this school.

I cannot approve ____________ her conduct.

_________ the rain stopped , the play had to be suspended.

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