GK Geography Quiz 10

1.Which of the pairs of planets of the solar system has no satellite(moons)

2.The age of Earth accepted by most astronomers and geologists is……….

3.For a period of two decades or so since 1979 the farthest planet from the sun was

4.Which planet resembles the earth closely as regards its diameter at its equator?

5.Travelling at the speed of light what time will it take for the suns rays to rays reach the earth?

6.Who was the first scientific geographer, who estimated the length of the equator quite correctly?

7.Which planet, other than Saturn has rings?

8.The asteroid belt of our solar system is located between the planets…….

9.The difference between the equatorial and polar diameter of the earth is …….

10.The distance between each degree of longitude from its next longitude along the equator is,………..

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