India geography Quiz 07

1.The main import resulting in a negative trade balanced to India is/are

2.The length of the longest national highway of India is about…

3.A person traveling in a ship north to south that touches all the major ports on the west coast in India , Will pass them in the order of….

4.What is the approximate total route kilometer age of the different railway gauge lines inIndiaas on march 2004?

5.The network of the national highways inIndia, forms about….. of the total length of Indian roads

6.The Gangesis navigable from its mouth, upto…. A distance of about…..

7.From which port zofIndiathe chief exports are copra, tea, rubber, coffee, timber, pepper, cashew kernels and coir products?

8.Which is the odd one amongst the following?

9.The railway route from Chennai on the east coast to Thrivanthapuram on the west coast, passes through the

10.In which of the following mineral resources isIndianot self sufficient

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