Places where animals live

PLACES :The different places animals live

Apiary : A place for keeping bees
Aviary : A place for keeping birds
Kennel : The place where dogs are kept
Mint : The place where money is coined
Monastery : The place where Buddhist monks live
Orphanage : A home for orphans
Stable : the place where the horses are kept
Sty :  A place for keeping pigs
Cemetery : The place where the dead bodies are buried / burnt
Hutch : A place for keeping dogs
Crèche : A public nursery where babies are care for while their parents are to work
Casino : A public building for dancing and gambling
Hangar : The place where aero plane are kept
Cache : A place where treasure/ stores/ammunition are hidden
Infirmary : the home for old age people
Lunatic Asylum : The home for lunatics
Wardrobe : A place in which clothes are kept 

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