GK Geography Quiz 09

1.Which planet of our solar system has the largest number of satellites?

2.The sial layer of the crust of the earth has a thickness of………]

3.The difference between the top of the Mount Everest and the bottom of the Mariana trench in the pacific ocean, is nearly……….

4.The oceans and the seas constitute ……..of the total geographical area of the earth

5.The only planet of the solar system which rotates from East to West is ………

6.Who amongst the following, is an astrophysicist, who was awarded the Nobel Prize a few years ago?

7.Spot the odd item amongst the following

8.Which of the following planets of the solar system is the smallest in size?

9.Which is the brightest planet of the solar system?

10.Planet earth is the………of the planets of the solar system

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