IBPS 2012 PO Computer section study material

IBPS 2012 PO Computer section question and answers-IBPS computer section questions

  • Largest Manufacture of computers – IBM
  • Largest Manufacture of software-Microsoft
  • Largest Manufacture of Hard disk- Segate
  • Largest Manufacture of processors- Intel
  • Largest Manufacture of super computers- [CRAY]
  • Largest Manufacture of ZIP drive- omega
  • The 1st super computer – CARY
  • 2nd super computer- CARY
  • Symony –CARY the CEO OF CARY
  • The Indian super computers
  • PARAM- The first super computer mode by India the companie who made it is –CDAC
  • ANURAG-2nd super computer ,Anoop -3ad super computer
  • EKA- 4TH Super computer
  • There are about 200 super computer made by India
  • ANAPURNA-The latest super computer made by India
  • [SAGA]- Fastest super computer only in India. And k-computer is fastest in world made by Japan.
  • C-DAC- Center for development of advance computing
  •  Tim Berner lee – Father of internet
  • Inventer of world wide web (www)  devolper of HTML 


  • Abacus- it is first calculating tool which can do only addition & sub raction : *.This tool is invented by country china in very long back 2000 bc
  • Poscaline-it is the first mechanical calculator : *.invented by blaise pascal
  • Napier s bone: This is the first calculating tool to perform all the arthimetic operations invented by sir john
  • Mark-i: First  electronic computer main fractured by the compains IBM
  •   Different engine: The first mechanical computer
  • Invented by Charles Babbage
  • Analytical engine: The first computer to accept input and give the output.
  • Invented by Charles Babbage.
  • 1st mordren  computer
  • Charles Babbage: Father of the computer
  • He is the first to invent  both mechanical and the maordren computer.
  • UNIVAC: Universal automatic computer . This is the first commercial purpose computer.
  • EDVAC: Electronic descreat  variable automatic coputer. The first to store the information.
  • ENIAC: Electronic numerical integrated calculator. The first general purpose computers   

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