Cumulative Exercise On Functional Grammar Quiz 14

Provided some Online tests on mentioned categories Agreement Of The Verb With Subject , Direct and Indirect Speech , Prepositions , Tenses , Phrasal Verbs Quiz Functional Grammar Quiz


By this time next year, Shashi  ____________ her final examination.

He ____________ for this company since 1072.

We are looking forward ______ your cooperation

There was nobody to attend ___________ the complaints of the customers.

If he ___________ hard , he would have passed  the examination

The doctor advised him to take care ________ his health.

The dispute can be easily settled between you and___________

More than twenty years have now passed _____________ I had my first flight.

These days everybody complains ___________ corruption in public life

I hate sitting _________ him as he always smells of garlic.

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