Indian Economy Quiz 09

Take some online tests on Indian Economy,Aspirants those who are preparing for competitive exams like Group 2,UPSC,Civil Services examinations etc and Aptitude section available for bank exams.


1.InIndiacolonial exploitation was in the form of

2.World development report classifies countries in

3.The number of plans implemented inIndiaup to 2004 was

4.Voluntary unemployment refers to

5.One of the problems in finding out national income inIndiais

6.Estimates of national income in India are prepared by the

7.A good method of providing employment to rural labor and utilizing it fully is through

8.National income of a country is also known as

9.The planning commission of India Under the constitution is

10.The economic development by the


  1. Sir ,Recently I’ve attended for Group 1preliminary exam.The key was puseibhld in various news papers.I have gone through them and i thought of going through the key which you have also given in the site .But this was not visible and has no possibility of zooming.This is just a request to make it possible for viewing.I have got 89 -95 according to various keys puseibhld in various dailies.will i qualify?can you please suggest me?regards, thanking you A.naga sujana.

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