Indian Economy Quiz 03

Take some online tests on Indian Economy,Aspirants those who are preparing for competitive exams like Group 2,UPSC,Civil Services examinations etc and Aptitude section available for bank exams.

1.Tank irrigation is found mostly in

2.The share of the agriculture inIndia’s national income is

3.The share of agriculture inIndia’s export in 2003-04 was

4.The export of which agriculture commodity is high in 2005-06

5.The percentage of capital formation from agriculture in 2000 was

6.The expected rate of growth of agriculture in tenth plan is

7.A subsistence of farming is one which

8.The chairman of flow of agricultural commodities committee is

9.Rural employment can be tackled on a long-term basis through

10.The share of cooperative credit to farm sector in 2003-04 was

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