India geography Quiz 06

1.The largest covered dock inIndiais located at,

2.India’s production of marine and inland fisheries is of the order of ……. In 2003-04

3.Which organization inIndiahas conduced surveys on the deep ocean floor of theIndian oceanfor poly metallic nodules?

4.Where inIndiaenergy from waves is being produced?

5.In which of the following states ofIndiais wind energy being exploited the most?

6.One of the railway zones was established in 1998. Which one of the following is it?

7.The number of postal pin code zones into whichIndiaia divided is

8.Which of the  following ports has an artificial harbour?

9.Which of the following ports is considered as the larges inIndia?

10.Which of the following railway junctions is common to the railway routes of Chennai- kolkata and Chennai- Delhi


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