Indian History Exercise 02

1.Which of the follwing statements about the Rig Vedic people is correct?

2.Which of the doctrines of the Jainism was added by Mahavir?

3.Who is said to be responsible for the spread of Jainism in Karnataka?

4.In what respwect did Jainism differ from Buddhism?

5.In what respect did Buddhism differ Brahmanism?

6.Which one of the following dynasties was rulningNorth Indiaat the time of Alexander’s invasion?

7.The duties of Dharmahamatras are explained in the Rock Edict No………….

8.The gifts bestowed upon the Ajivikas by Ashoka are recorded in the inscription at

9.Pushamitra Sunga was a stanch follower of a believer in …….

10. Of the follwing Kushan kings who assumed the title “The Lord of the    Whole world”?

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