Indian Politics Exercise 02

1.The first chairman of the rajya sabha

2.which among the following does not form part of the preamble

3.After the report of the comptroller and Audit general is laid before parliament it is examined by the

4.which article of the constitution confers on the citizen protection of life and personal liberty?

5.Article 79 stated that ‘ there shall be a parliament for the union which shall consists of the …….. and two houses

6.Dr Ambedhkar had said that “Article……. Should normally remain a ‘dead letter’ and would be used only in the last report

7.Incase of death of  a president while in office, the vice president can act as president for a maximum period of

8.Residuary power are vested in the

9.The comptroller and Auditor-general ofIndiasubmits his report relating to the accounts of the union to the

10.The number of members nominated by the president to the loksabha is

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