Calendar Quiz no1

Aptitude test questions calendar

1) If today is Saturday then after 20 days which day?

  1. If 1993 January 20th is Monday then 1995 January 20th is which day?

If 1990, February 14th is Thursday then 1992 march 10th is which day?        

If today is Thursday, then 40 days ago which day?        

  1. If January 15th is Monday then march 15th in which day?

  1. If March 20th is Saturday then January 10th is which day in the same year?

  1. 2020 January 1st is which day?

  1. 1647, November 20th is which day?

  1. On which dates of January 2008 Monday falls?

  1. On which dates of January 15th is Monday the 2025 June 2nd is which day?

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