One word substitutes(Exercise 2)

This is the verbal ability questions and answers section on “One Word Substitutes” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance one word substitutes(Exercise 1)

  1. Cannibal                                  : one who eats human flesh
  2. Teetotaler                                : one who never touches alcoholic drinks
  3. Spendthrift                              : One who spends money extra-vagrantly
  4. Connoisseur                            : person free from national, regional prejudices
  5. Truant                                      : a child who stays away from school without leave
  6. Bourgeois                                : a member of middle class
  7. Credulous                                : ready to believe others easily
  8. Fanatic/ bigot/ zealot         : A person filled with excessive and mistaken enthusiasm  religious matters
  9. scapegoat                                :  person who is made to bear the balms due to others
  10. uxorious                                  : Excessively fond of one’s wife
  11. versatile                                   : one who is gifted with several talents
  12. demagogue                              : political leader one who stirs up people with his oratory
  13. lexicographer                           : one who dies for a noble cause
  14. contemporary                          : one who lives at the same time as another
  15. insolvent                                  : one who can’t pay one’s debts
  16. somnambulist                          : one who walks in sleep
  17. Insomnia                                 : inability to sleep, sleeplessness
  18. Somnolent                               : sleepy, drowsy
  19. Novice/ neophytes                  : one who is new to a skill or belief
  20. Omnipresent                            : one who presents every where
  21. Omnipotent                             : one who has all powers
  22. Omniscient                              : one who has infinite knowledge
  23. Omnivorous                                : one who eats meat and vegetables

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