one word substitutes(Exercise 1)

This is the verbal ability questions and answers section on “One Word Substitutes” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance

  1. Optimist                                  : One who looks at bright side of things.
  2. Pessimist                                 : One who looks at dark side of things.
  3. Theist                                      : One who believes in the extensence of god
  4. Atheist                                    : one who doesn’t believe in the existence of god
  5. Fatalist                                    ‘ one who believes in fate
  6. Pacifist                                    : one who craves for peace
  7. Egoist                                      : one who is self-centered
  8. Numismatist                            : one who collects coins
  9. Philatelist                                : one who collects stamps
  10. Bibliophiles                             : a lover and collector of books
  11. Feminist                                  : one who champions the cause of women
  12. Linguist                                   : one who is versed in many languages
  13. Misogynist                              : one who hates women
  14. Misanthropist                          : one who hates mankind
  15. Philanthropist                          : one who loves mankind
  16. Misogamist                              : one who hates marriage
  17. Mycologist                              : one who hates knowledge/learning
  18. Altruist                                    : one who devotes his life to the welfare and the interests of others
  19. Somniloquist                           : one who talks in sleep
  20. Cacographic                            : one who is bad t spelling
  21. Pantheist                                 : one who believes that everything Is God and God is the highest good
  22. Lapidist                                   : one who cuts precious stories
  23. Florist                                      : one who deals in flowers
  24. Stoic                                        : a person who is indifferent to pleasures and pains

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