One word substitutes(Exercise 4)

One word substitution for competitive examination This is the verbal ability questions and answers section on “One Word Substitutes” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance one word substitutes(Exercise 1),one word substitutes(Exercise 2) .  One word substitutes(Exercise 3)

  • Curator                                    : one who is a in charge of museum
  • Gourmet                                  : one who has taste for good food
  • Vagabond                               : one who wanders without settled home
  • Recluse                                    : one who retires from society and lives alone
  • Fugitive                                   : one who flees away from danger
  • Amateur                                  : one who cultivates a particular study or art for the love of it not  for money
  •  Cartographer                          : one who draws maps and charts
  • Malapropism                           : ridiculous use of words
  • Tangible                                  : which is perceptible by  touch
  • Stroll                                       : a short walk for pleasure or exercise
  • Epistle                                     :  verse letter
  • Recluse                                    :  person who lives alone and avoids other people
  • Obsolete                                  :  a word no longer in use
  • Nepotism                                 : giving undue favour to one’s kith and kin
  •  Transmigration                        : the belief that humans soul passes from one body to another at the time of death
  • Curator                                    : an official in charge of a museum
  • Plagiarist                                 : a writer who steals the ideas from another
  • Alpinist                                   : one who cuts precious stones
  • Hypocrite                                : one who pretends to be what he is not
  • Chameleon                              : An inconstant and ficklish person
  • Blasphemy                              : words uttered impiously about god
  • Potable                                    : Something that is suitable for drinking
  • Valetudinarian                        : A person of infirm body or society constitution
  • Unanimous                              : Of one mind
  • Vandalism`                              : Willful or ignorant destruction of works of art / literature


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