Aptitude Averages Quiz5

the average marks of 20 students in a class is increased by 1.2 when a student of mark 42 is replaced by a new student. The marks obtained by the new students are

Of the three  numbers the first is thrice the second andt the second is twice the third. If the average of the three numbers is 51 what is the second number?

The average of 8 student is 26 if the average of the first 5 students is 18.2, what is the average of te last 3 students?

Of the three numbers the first number is ½ of the second the sec0nd number is 1/3 of the third number. The average of 3 numbers is 16. what is the sum of the first and the second number?

the average of a,b,c,d,e is 12. If the average a,b,c is 19.What is the average od d and e?

the aveage of X and Y is 18. If Z is equal to 9, find the average of x, y and z?

The average mark of 30 students in a class is 48. 15 new students joined in the class bringing the average of the class to 40. what is the average mark of the new 15 students?

If 30% of a = 40% of b and the average of a and b is 42. What is the value of a ?

the average temperature of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday is 19.5. the average temperature of thurday, Friday , Saturday is 8.5. if the temperature of Wednesday 14 . what is the average temperature of the week?

The average of 18 numbers is 14. While calculating the average  one number is taken as 73 instead of 37. What is the correct average?

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