Compound Interest Test 4

Compound Interest Test 4

  1. A sum of money is borrowed and paid in 2 equal annual installments of rs 729 each allowing 8% CI what was the sum borrowed?

  1. Find the amount that David would receive if he invests rs 400 for 9 months at 6% being given that the interest is reckoned quarterly?

  1. Mary obtains a loan of rs 2000 against her fixed deposits . if he rate of interest be 4 paise per rupee per annum, calculate the total amount payable after 3 years?

  1. A tree increases annually by 1/8 th of its height. By how much will it increase after 2 ½ year, if it stands today 10 feet height?

  1. Mahesh got a loan of Rs 8000 against his fixed deposits to purchase a scooter. If the rate of interest s 10% PA compounded half yearly. Find the amount that he pays after one and half year?

  1. A sum of money is put at CI for 2 years at 20% PA. it would fetch rs 482 more if the interest were payable half yearly than if it wee payable yearly. Find the sum?

  1. If the difference between CI and SI on a certain sum of money for 3 years at 5% PA gives Rs 122 Find the sum?

  1. Find the CI at the arte of 5% for 3 years on that principal which in 3 years at the rate of 5% PA gives Rs 1200 as SI?

  1. A sum of Rs 12000 deposited at CI becomes double after 5 year. After 20 years it will become?

  1. A sum of rs 550 is to be repaid in two equal installments. If the rate of interest be 20% compounded annually then the value of each installment i?

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